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– at noon, the Viet Minh started to use Katyusha – he voluntarily jumped over Dien Bien Phu on March 19 – also held by Moroccans – conducted to seize and secure the valley – Liliane 1 (ex-Claudine 1) + Liliane 2 – 1er BEP withdrew with 9 men killed + 46 men wounded, – during the attacks on Beatrice and Gabrielle, the Viet Minh lost many men – Mont Fictif (Phoney Hill) was bordering Eliane 2, – the strongpoints of Dominique were occupied by an Algerian battalion – another French parachute company jumped over Dien Bien Phu – they left Indochina after almost 100 years of their presence, – some additional photos to document the battle. – the attackers had been trying to seize it for over a month – an intense Viet Minh assault would take three hours – the defenders faced two Viet Minh battalions – launched at the same time as the Battle of Five Hills – an hour later, it launched new assaults – occupied by a 5e BPVN company – Huguette 6 + Huguette 7 – held by an Algerian battalion – six French airborne battalions – placed at Claudine (a defensive position near the French HQ) – a French parachute battalion jumped over Dien Bien Phu – also a platoon of the 2e CMMLE (Ltn Clerget) – he assumed personal responsibility and committed suicide – the Anne-Marie defensive position was abolished – the strongpoint would be shelled again, – at around 10.00 PM (22:00), Eliane 2 was blown up – Foreign Legion Medium Repair Company The Battle of Dien Bien Phu was fought from March 13 to May 7, 1954, and was the decisive engagement of the First Indochina War (1946-1954), the precursor to the Vietnam War.In 1954, French forces in French Indochina sought to cut the Viet Minh's supply lines to Laos. The United States, France, China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, Laos and other countries would over time become ...read more, Also known as the Battle of Nations, Leipzig was, In terms of numbers of troops engaged and amount of artillery, the biggest battle of the Napoleonic Wars. – nevertheless, they suffered heavy casualties – clashes with the Viet Minh near Huguette 4 A French newspaper from 1954, with the headline ‘Dien Bien Phu is a tomb’. Having joined the Legion in 1950, Staff Sergeant Rolf Rodel served as a commando leader with 10th Company, 3rd Battalion, 3e REI at Isabelle in 1954. Not, as in 1954, to Viet-Minh attacks, but rather to the bulldozers of progress. – a strongpoint in the west of the French camp – over 100 men had been killed at Huguette 6 since early April – at the time of ceasefire, several defensive positions were still being held: – Claudine Dien Bien Phu was the site of a major French defeat (1954) in the First Indochina War, and was of tremendous historical significance. – they were evacuated from the sector to the HQ of Dien Bien Phu – Captain Chevallier and his 80 legionnaires fought bravely – no more than 220 men together Because he considered Lai Chau impossible to defend, on November 20, Navarre launched Operation Castor with a paratroop drop on the broad valley of Dien Bien Phu, which was rapidly transformed into a defensive perimeter of eight strong points organized around an airstrip. He rebuilt the memorial on his own, in eight days. – evacuation of wounded soldiers from Dien Bien Phu by air, – Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Lemeunier – they should cover their comrades during the evacuation Erwan Bergot: Dien Bien Phu (Presses de la Cité, 1989) – the 1er BEP legionnaires fought fiercely The Battle of Dien Bien Phu began in mid-March and ended in early May 1954. – Ho Chi Minh led the Viet Minh (League for the Independence of Vietnam) – clashes between the legionnaires and the Viet Minh took place – the Francoise defensive position was abolished, April 1-2, 1954: As the monsoons transformed the camp from a dust bowl into a morass of mud, an increasing number of soldiers–almost four thousand by the end of the siege in May–deserted to caves along the Nam Yum River, which traversed the camp; they emerged only to seize supplies dropped for the defenders. – the Viet Minh was everywhere – about 50 legionnaires were wounded, March 31, 1954: – supported by the survivors from the 3rd Battalion, 13e DBLE Interactive map of zip codes in Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam. – Isabelle was seized by the Viet Minh, – in the meantime, the two groups were marching to the south – that evening, the northernmost defensive position was also shelled, – Fall of Beatrice – strongpoints located alongside the Nam Youm river – only 3,290 men (including legionnaires) would survive the imprisonment. – supported by M24 tanks – they were disarmed and imprisoned as deserters inside the camp – also, thousands of logistics personnel, – Attack on Beatrice – conducted from two directions, again – supported by M24 Chaffee tanks – the last evacuation of wounded soldiers from Dien Bien Phu – at 05.00 PM (17:00), an order to destroy heavy weapons – French aircrafts were repeatedly coming under fire – Viet Minh’s Third Offensive 380000. – consisting of four battalions + artillery + M24 tank platoon – Lt Col Lalande would try to withdraw to the south – scared by a possible Viet Minh attack, they disappeared in the jungle – Huguette 6 was held by 2e REI legionnaires – Recapture of Eliane 1 – 3,200-3,800 of them belonged to the Foreign Legion, – up to 2,300 French troops are known to be killed Dien Bien Phu was founded in 1841when the Nguyen Dynasty wanted a fortified royal district as a response to the growing problem of banditry in the area. – the Viet Minh got a chance to recover and to be prepared, – then, two 2e BEP companies attacked Huguette 1 from Opéra – nevertheless, the strongpoint was overrun – in the evening, the Viet Minh launched their second offensive – to conduct mobile operations along the border with Laos Dien Bien Phu is found in the Muong Thanh Valley. – at the time, the most outlying strongpoint (excl. – during the night of May 4-5, a new reinforcement – another Legion battalion would reinforce the besieged camp John Kenneth Galbraith First Indochina War John Foster Dulles Rhythm And Blues Dien Bien Phu. – at 04.30 PM (16:30), the strongpoints were informed about the ceasefire – composed of all airborne units (excl. – it had to stop its assaults for the next four weeks, – many French soldiers were also killed When Giap resumed his attacks, human wave assaults were abandoned in favor of siege techniques that pushed forward webs of trenches  to isolate French strong points. – between them, many legionnaires, – more than 11,700 French troops were missed or imprisoned – the already demoralized Viet Minh couldn’t defend it – new reinforcements Thanh Bin. – Battle of Huguette 1 – his men had been occupying the Eliane defensive position, – first, the hill was shelled by French artillery – legionnaires from 1er BEP + 1st Battalion, 2e REI participated in – April 19, replaced by a 13e DBLE company (Captain Chevallier) – Final Assault – many Viet Minh training camps were based in the region too, – the French considered the valley as the best strategic place – first, a French airborne attack + heavy sheeling – nevertheless, the defenders wouldn’t survive the second assault Communist Viet Minh soldiers raise their flag over the French fortress of Dien Bien Phu. – the rest of them were killed or imprisoned (just as Ltn Clerget) – the 1re CMMLE mortar platoon fought to the last man – Eliane 2 managed to fight off the attack, – that night, 16 men from the 1er BEP were killed or missed – they would be killed or imprisoned without firing a shot, April 28, 1954: – a French decision to seize Dien Bien Phu T-shirts, hoodies, mugs... 100 years ago: A Foreign Legion regiment was constituted in Morocco, Merry Christmas! Four times wounded during the decisive battle and imprisoned by the Viet Minh, this German legionnaire returned to the site to refresh his memories. – accompanied by persistent heavy shelling – the sector was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Trancart, – Central Sector – at 01.30 AM (01:30) in the morning, the last message from Isabelle – in the east, an attack on Elianes – between Huguette and Dominique defensive positions – the fierce battle took all the night – less than 200 officers and legionnaires survived the attack 380000. – however, the companies were stopped by the Viet Minh 1976 Djibouti helicopter crash – reinforced by a 5e BPVN company On March 13, 1954, Giap launched a massive assault on strong point Beatrice, which fell in a matter of hours. – Dominique 1 was seized a few hours later, – the attacked Eliane strongpoints were occupied by a Moroccan battalion 1908 Forthassa Disaster – consisting of 1er BEP and 2e BEP survivors The Battle of Dien Bien Phu (in English) – aimed at the strongpoints Eliane 1 + Eliane 2 – he saw the fall of defensive positions as a fault of his artillery – a platoon leader with the 8th Company, 2e BEP – May 6, the entire camp was shelled – Huguette 4, held by BMEP legionnaires (Captain Luciani) Dien Bien Phu was a major battle of the first Indochina war in which the French fought against the Viet Minh communists. – Loss of Huguette 4 – in the early morning, Beatrice was lost – a heavy mortar company – they were the last reinforcement dropped into the valley – in the afternoon, a new reinforcement – east of the airstrip Nam Thanh. – Huguette 4 was seized by the Viet Minh, May 5-6, 1954: – at the end of the battle, only 12 combat-ready legionnaires – Lieutenant Le Cour Grandmaison + Lieutenant Pétré (ex-2e BEP) – from original 120 men, only 80 combat-ready men reached Huguette 1 – also, not enough troops to reinforce it sufficiently – the attack started with heavy shelling of Beatrice – in next days, a company from 1st Battalion, 13e DBLE or a 5e BPVN company – Eliane 1 was quickly abandoned by Moroccans – they were true volunteers to support their comrades, – many volunteers jumped over Dien Bien Phu between March-May – these legionnaires would reinforce Huguette 2 Điện Biên Phủ, sometimes called Dienbien Phu (Vietnamese: [ɗîənˀ ɓīən fû] / means Dienbien Prefecture), is a city in the northwestern region of Vietnam.It is the capital of Điện Biên Province.The city is best known for the events which occurred there during the First Indochina War, the Battle of Điện Biên Phủ, during which the region was a breadbasket for the Việt Minh. – however, a Legion platoon was lost, April 12-17, 1954: – 2nd Foreign Parachute Battalion (2e BEP, future 2e REP) – their goal was to reach French troops in Laos – the division attacking in the east of the camp became paralyzed It included two crucial battles, fought eighteen days apart, and was a decisive victory for the Continental Army and a crucial turning point in the Revolutionary ...read more, The Battle of Stalingrad was a brutal military campaign between Russian forces and those of Nazi Germany and the Axis powers during World War II. – 1st Battalion, 13e DBLE (Foreign Legion Half-Brigade), led by Major Brinon – at 04.00 PM (16:00), they were overrun Dien Bien Phu was the decisive battle of the First Indochina War.It ended with victory to the Viet Minh, the surrender of French colonial forces and eventually, the withdrawal of the French from Vietnam. 380000. – two Tai auxiliary companies, December 21 – 28, 1953: – they didn’t pass any training – a severe assault carried out by a Viet Minh division – a French offensive to recapture Eliane 1 – BMEP would be placed at the strongpoints Huguette 4 and Huguette 5, – Evacuation of Opéra – for the French, a successful defensive action – held by 1st Battalion, 13e DBLE legionnaires, – at 06.30 PM (18:30), last legionnaires would lay down their rifles – also, three M24 Chaffee tanks Dien Bien Phu War Remnants a popular tour. – the main airstrip was targeted by the Viet Minh artillery – Eliane 1 + Eliane 2 (Eliane 4 wasn’t affected eventually) – the main task was to cut off the China-Laos supply lines – 2e BEP was assigned to carry out the assault – numerous Viet Minh transit & supply roads crossed the region – April 14, Lieutenant Rastouil was killed – that day, 5 legionnaires were killed + 33 wounded, February 1954: – both units, significantly devastated, merged together It was near the Vietnam/Laos border. – the course of events would confirm it as a good decision, March 30, 1954: – Major Chenel, a former Legion officer – a 1er RCP company + a 1er BEP company (Lieutenant Martin) – having faced an entire regiment, they managed to defend the strongpoint – composed of one defensive position Noong Bua. – both were ex-Anne-Marie strongpoints (3 + 4) – Dien Bien Phu organization – Fall of Gabrielle – shortly afterwards, at 03.00 PM (15:00) of May 7, the Moroccans surrendered – his men surprised approaching Viet Minh groups – commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Langlais – used as a rear base of the Eliane defensive position, May 4, 1954: – April 21, only 50 legionnaires remained to defend Huguette 1 – at least 55,000 Viet Minh troops participated in the battle 380000. – between them, about 350 Legion artillerymen (3 coys) Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. – two French Airborne Group (GAP) jumped over Dien Bien Phu – the incident occurred when commanding his men by radio – between them, at least 29 men from the 1er BEP – also served as a rear base for the entire Eliane – 10th Company, 3e REI (Captain Marzeau) would cover them by fire – then a Viet Minh ground assault would follow He bought a small piece of land and built from the very beginning a new War Memorial to commemorate with dignity the French soldiers fallen at Dien Bien Phu. – accompanied by two companies of the 1er BEP Srećan Božić / Срећан Божић. – tens of 1er BEP legionnaires were wounded, – on Eliane (defensive position), also a platoon of the 1re CEPML – the French would have to leave North Vietnam – Battle on the West – east + north-west – around 100 men, led by Lieutenant Rastouil Again, the Chinese, in search of a spectacular victory to carry to the Geneva talks scheduled for the summer, intervened to stiffen Viet Minh resolve: reinforcements were brought in, as were Katyusha multitube rocket launchers, while Chinese military engineers retrained the Viet Minh in siege tactics. – Bataillon de Marche Étranger de Parachutistes (BMEP) – at 11.00 PM (23:00), the radio went silent Muong Thanh. – the Viet Minh and their supporters capitalized on the battle Many USAF surplus C-47’s war veterans were flown over from Korea to the next Communist threat in the Cold War, Vietnam. – Huguette 6 managed to fight off the attack, – in two days, some 800 Viet Minh attackers were killed – these heavy losses significantly demoralized the Viet Minh – a large valley in northwestern Vietnam – to supply the besieged French troops, it’s necessary to fight fiercely – the Viet Minh launched one of the heaviest assault – one of the defensive positions based near the camp’s HQ – supported by a platoon from 3rd Battalion, 13e DBLE, – Liliane – Counter-attack on Huguette 1 Dien Bien Phu: the battle that split Vietnam Save 50% on a BBC History Magazine or BBC History Revealed subscription France’s catastrophic defeat at Dien Bien Phu in northwest Vietnam in May 1954 ended its hopes of maintaining any influence in Indochina and set the stage for … – also the Southern Sector (led by Lt Colonel Lalande, 3e REI) Grit Gregson: “Mahmoud the Evil” Strikes! – he and his men decided to “make Camerone” – Eliane 1 + Eliane 2 managed to fight off the attack, however, – Battle of Huguette 5 380000. – he ordered the garrison to form two marching groups – the intense Viet Minh shelling took several hours – an order to evacuate Opéra It’s one of the most beautiful passes in Vietnam before reach Dien Bien Phu, the former battlefields where the French, after nearly 100 years of colonization and nine years of war, were defeated in 1954 by the Viet Minh, lead by Ho Chi Minh president. Andrea_Remick. – today’s Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos The shock and agony of the dramatic loss of a garrison of around fourteen thousand men allowed French prime minister Pierre Mendès France to muster enough parliamentary support to sign the Geneva Accords of July 1954, which essentially ended the French presence in Indochina. – they faced an entire Viet Minh regiment – April 20, about 3,000 hand grenades were used to stop the Viet Minh – they were facing an entire Viet Minh regiment – the divisions were placed on the hills surrounding the valley – occupied by a company of White Tai (Tai Don) auxiliaries – the heavy fighting took all the night In the 1980s, a small French War Memorial was built in the Dien Bien Phu valley. – after the fall of Beatrice and Gabrielle, the most threatened defensive position – a strongpoint of the Huguette defensive position When, in December 1953, the T’ais attempted to march out of Lai Chau for Dien Bien Phu, they were badly mauled by Viet Minh forces. Strong points Gabrielle and Anne-Marie were overrun during the next two days, which denied the French use of the airfield, the key to the French defense. – it would reinforce French troops, – Attack on Gabrielle – at around 03.00 AM (03:00), May 7, the strongpoint was overrun The French strong-points at Dien Bien Phu in northwest Vietnam are falling again. The Battle of Dien Bien Phu was the decisive engagement in the first Indochina War (1946–54). Joyeux Noël! Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. – aimed at the outlying strongpoints of Huguette – May 7, a French decision to hold talks with General Giap Visit top-rated & … wikipedia.org, More from the history of the Foreign Legion: …of the French stronghold of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 by the Vietnamese, the French sought a face-saving solution. – HQ of the 3e REI (Lieutenant Colonel Lalande) – built by French paratroopers to reinforce Eliane 1 – in 1946, as Major, he was badly wounded near Saigon The result of the battle culminated in the French withdrawal from Southeast Asia, after almost 100 years. – they became Huguette 6 + Huguette 7, – new reinforcements – 1er BEP legionnaires and 6e BPC paratroopers got involved it – a French officer, in the Legion since 1934 One of the Legion units had to fight until May 8. – a small strongpoint, freshly created It was near the Vietnam/Laos border. – although suffering heavy casualties, they seized Eliane 1 – on their way to the edge of the valley, they met enemy units – within May 8-9, two thirds of the groups would be killed or imprisoned – a strongpoint occupied by a Legion company – the 13e DBLE company saw big troubles to reach the strogpoint – Lieutenant Bourges and his 4th Company, 2e REI – they held Huguette 1 for several days – Major Maurice Giraud took command – in the evening, the Viet Minh launched an assault – Battle of Huguette 7 – it also confirms that even the Viet Minh had their limits The battle, which saw an early use of the deadly longbow by the English, ...read more. – then a ground assault would follow – 15 men were killed or missed The battle started on March 13, 1954 and was over 56 days later, on May 7. – Colonel Christian de Castries took command of GONO – 1er BEP suffered losses – the Viet Minh stopped their assaults – less than 250 men, led by Lieutenant Rastouil, – at midnight, a 8e BPC company was sent to support the legionnaires – however, the counter-attack wasn’t successful – 2nd Battalion, 1er RCP Ch. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! – aimed at Eliane 4, the last French hill – the Viet Minh was surprised and withdrew, – April 5, in the early morning, a new Viet Minh attack – in the field, it was Major Bigeard (6e BPC) who led the paratroopers, – Artillery – a new reinforcement – using trucks equipped with machine guns during military operations, – a 3e RTA battalion (Algerian infantrymen) – French Union forces would regroup to the south of the line – his deputy, Captain Pardi, was also killed – they would fight to the last man, until the finish – Eliane 4 + Eliane 10 were seized by the Viet Minh, – Loss of Eliane 3 + Eliane 11 + Eliane 12 – the only combat-ready survivors, they were called off – during the night, the Tai auxiliaries deserted from their positions – another Foreign Legion unit landed at Dien Bien Phu – nicknamed Zatopek, he would command the 2e REP in 1961-63, – Eliane 10 was reinforced by 6e BPC paratroopers – however, the Viet Minh had to withdraw, – on May 7, Isabelle didn’t surrender – in the afternoon, the 13e DBLE legionnaires were called off – the remote region served as the rear base for the movement – in the north, shelling aimed at Gabrielle (a false attack) Copyright © 1996 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. https://www.history.com/topics/france/battle-of-dien-bien-phu. – a new strongpoint of the Eliane defensive position – they would march several miles along the river – April 22, his radio went silent – also bordering with China, the sponsor of the Viet Minh – two French companies were sent to support the strongpoint – an attempt to recapture Huguette 1 – he didn’t want to see other legionnaires to risk their lives for him, April 24, 1954:

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