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[101], Conkling and his fellow Stalwarts, including Arthur, wished to follow up their 1879 success at the 1880 Republican National Convention by securing the nomination for their ally, ex-President Grant. [149] Opinions varied on how to balance the budget; the Democrats wished to lower tariffs, in order to reduce revenues and the cost of imported goods, while Republicans believed that high tariffs ensured high wages in manufacturing and mining. Chester – nome proprio di persona inglese maschile; Persone. È situata sul Delaware River, tra Filadelfia e Wilmington, Delaware.. Storia. $50,000 in 1871 is equal to $1.07 million in present terms. In 1856, Arthur courted Ellen Herndon, the daughter of William Lewis Herndon, a Virginia naval officer. [150] After conference with the Senate, the bill that emerged only reduced tariffs by an average of 1.47%. The main bisecting street, known as The Avenue of the States south of 9th Street and Edgmont Avenue north of it, is signed as both Pennsylvania Route 320 (southbound only; northbound PA Rt. In addition, contemporary newspaper articles, including the 1871 stories about his appointment as Collector of the Port of New York, all indicate that he was born in Vermont, though some incorrectly give his birthplace as. [53] They also had a daughter, Ellen, in 1871. President Ulysses S. Grant appointed him to the post of Collector of the Port of New York in 1871, and he was an important supporter of Conkling and the Stalwart faction of the Republican Party. [48][49], The Chester City Council consists of the mayor and four council members. [155], During the Garfield administration, Secretary of State James G. Blaine attempted to invigorate United States diplomacy in Latin America, urging reciprocal trade agreements and offering to mediate disputes among the Latin American nations. [127] Through the summer, Arthur refused to travel to Washington and was at his Lexington Avenue home when, on the night of September 19, he learned that Garfield had died. [72][h] Among those who dealt with the Custom House, Arthur was one of the era's more popular collectors. [141] After a juror came forward with allegations that the defendants attempted to bribe him, the judge set aside the guilty verdicts and granted a new trial. Visit Us There are many opportunities for you to visit us throughout the year, whether you are interested in undergraduate or postgraduate study. Scopri 5 cose da fare a Chester! The Port of Chester is along the Delaware. [8], In 1644, the present site of Chester was a tobacco plantation operated by the New Sweden colonists. [38] Campaign biographers would later give Arthur much of the credit for the victory; in fact his role was minor, although he was certainly an active participant in the case. [90], Arthur's job was spared only until July 1878, when Hayes took advantage of a Congressional recess to fire him and Cornell, replacing them with the recess appointment of Merritt and Silas W. About 27.3% of families and 33.1% of the total population were below the poverty line, including 47.7% of those under age 18 and 18.4% of those age 65 or over.[64]. In 1851, the Delaware County seat was moved from Chester to the borough of Media. The Chester Transportation Center and Highland Avenue stations are the two SEPTA train stations in Chester. [65] In 1871, Grant offered to name Arthur as Commissioner of Internal Revenue, replacing Alfred Pleasonton; Arthur declined the appointment. "[212], Arthur's townhouse, the Chester A. Arthur Home was sold to William Randolph Hearst. [185] The Yellowstone trip was more beneficial to Arthur's health than his Florida excursion, and he returned to Washington refreshed after two months of travel. Improvements to Chestnut Street and Morton Avenue are also included in the project.[67]. [110] As Republicans had done since the end of the Civil War, Garfield and Arthur initially focused their campaign on the "bloody shirt"—the idea that returning Democrats to office would undo the victory of the Civil War and reward secessionists. [56], The end of the Civil War meant new opportunities for the men in Morgan's Republican machine, including Arthur. [117] Garfield ultimately appointed a Stalwart, Thomas Lemuel James, to be Postmaster General, but the cabinet fight and Arthur's ill-considered speech left the President and Vice President clearly estranged when they took office on March 4, 1881. With a population of 33,972 at the 2010 census it is the largest city in Delaware County. [99] Arthur and the machine had rebuked Hayes and their intra-party rivals, but Arthur had only a few days to enjoy his triumph when, on January 12, 1880, his wife died suddenly while he was in Albany organizing the political agenda for the coming year. [142] The second trial began in December 1882 and lasted until July 1883 and, again, did not result in a guilty verdict. He remained at the job until 1870 at a salary of $10,000 a year. [67] Murphy's reputation as a war profiteer and his association with Tammany Hall made him unacceptable to many of his own party, but Conkling convinced the Senate to confirm him. The city appealed the ruling, which delayed implementation however the schools were eventually desegregated. Resurrection of Our Lord School in Chester closed in 1993. [115], After the election, Arthur worked in vain to persuade Garfield to fill certain positions with his fellow New York Stalwarts—especially that of the Secretary of the Treasury; the Stalwart machine received a further rebuke when Garfield appointed Blaine, Conkling's arch-enemy, as Secretary of State. [133] His son, Chester Jr., was then a freshman at Princeton University and his daughter, Nell, stayed in New York with a governess until 1882; when she arrived, Arthur shielded her from the intrusive press as much as he could. [152] On August 1, 1882, Arthur vetoed the bill to widespread popular acclaim;[152] in his veto message, his principal objection was that it appropriated funds for purposes "not for the common defense or general welfare, and which do not promote commerce among the States. [137] Conkling expected Arthur to appoint him in Blaine's place, but the President chose Frederick T. Frelinghuysen of New Jersey, a Stalwart recommended by ex-President Grant. [115] The Republicans carried New York by 20,000 votes and, in an election with the largest turnout of qualified voters ever recorded—78.4%—they won the nationwide popular vote by just 7,018 votes. [173] Arthur agreed, and directed the federal patronage in Virginia through the Readjusters rather than the Republicans. The family finally settled in the Schenectady, New York area. The portion of the law denying citizenship to Chinese-American children born in the United States was later found unconstitutional in. [31], The increased labor needs brought a flood of new workers to the city. È situata sulla riva destra del fiume Dee nella pianura del Cheshire non lontano dal confine con il Galles Storia. [111], With the war fifteen years in the past and Union generals at the head of both tickets, the tactic was less effective than the Republicans hoped. [58], Chester borders on (clockwise from southwest to northeast) Trainer Borough, Upper Chichester Township, Chester Township, Upland Borough, Parkside Borough, Brookhaven Borough, Nether Providence Township, Ridley Township, and Eddystone Borough in Pennsylvania. [157] Arthur and Frelinghuysen continued Blaine's efforts to encourage trade among the nations of the Western Hemisphere; a treaty with Mexico providing for reciprocal tariff reductions was signed in 1882 and approved by the Senate in 1884. [149] Arthur agreed with his party, and in 1882 called for the abolition of excise taxes on everything except liquor, as well as a simplification of the complex tariff structure. [100] Arthur felt devastated, and perhaps guilty, and never remarried. "[210] By 1975, however, Thomas C. Reeves would write that Arthur's "appointments, if unspectacular, were unusually sound; the corruption and scandal that dominated business and politics of the period did not tarnish his administration. 320 & 352). Inghilterra: cosa fare a Chester, città fondata dai Romani e, ancora oggi, una delle più visitate della Gran Bretagna? Chester Charter Scholars Academy began in 2008 as a small public-private partnership between The Chester Fund for Education and the Arts and the Chester-Upland school district. [55] In the presidential election of 1864, Arthur and Murphy raised funds from Republicans in New York, and they attended the second inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. [142] Failure to obtain a conviction tarnished the administration's image, but Arthur did succeed in putting a stop to the fraud. In 2004, the site was converted to a parking lot for the nearby Barry Bridge Park. [51], Chester has been negatively impacted for decades by corrupt politicians and organized crime. [83] Sherman was less enthusiastic about the reforms than Hayes and Jay, but he approved the commission's report and ordered Arthur to make the personnel reductions. The Carnegie Foundation classifies Widener as a Doctoral/Research University and a Community Engagement Institution. [178] Garfield had believed polygamy was criminal behavior and was morally detrimental to family values, and Arthur's views were, for once, in line with his predecessor's. [196][p] The next morning, Arthur suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and never regained consciousness. [134] Arthur then selected Charles J. Folger, his friend and fellow New York Stalwart as Windom's replacement. [183] To rejuvenate his health outside the confines of Washington, Arthur and some political friends traveled to Florida in April 1883. [146] Even after he signed the act into law, its proponents doubted Arthur's commitment to reform. [57] John H. Nacrelli, the mayor of Chester from 1968 to 1979, was convicted of racketeering and income tax evasion for accepting $22,000 in bribes from an illegal gambling operation with ties to organized crime and served two years in prison. [173] He followed the same pattern in other Southern states, forging coalitions with independents and Greenback Party members. He served as quartermaster general of the New York Militia during the American Civil War. However, Colonel Miles led the troops to New York City in July 1776 when it became clear that the British Fleet was threatening New York rather than Philadelphia. In the 1700s and 1800s, Chester was a hub for business due to easy access to the Delaware River for the transport of raw materials and finished goods by ship. Roach built other businesses to supply materials for his shipbuilding including the Chester Rolling Mill in 1873 to supply metal hull plates and beams, the Chester Pipe and Tube Company in 1877 for the manufacture of iron pipes and boiler tubes, and the Standard Steel Casting Company in 1883 to supply steel ingots. [85] Notwithstanding his cooperation, the Jay Commission issued a second report critical of Arthur and other Custom House employees, and subsequent reports urging a complete reorganization. [129], Arthur arrived in Washington, D.C. on September 21. Chester is served by two interstate highways: Interstate 95 and Interstate 476, which meet in nearby Crum Lynne. Fai una passeggiata lungo le mura, il modo migliore per fare conoscenza con la città, e ammira le loro porte e i loro torrioni. The hardiness zone is 7b. It is run by the Saint Katharine Drexel Roman Catholic Church which was established in 1993 by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with the consolidation of all Roman Catholic parishes in the city.[68]. Previously the 20th vice president, he succeeded to the presidency upon the death of President James A. Garfield in September 1881, two months after Garfield was shot by an assassin. [15], In 1788, the Chester County seat was moved from Chester to West Chester. The wartime labor force for industries along the waterfront soared to 100,000. Arthur pronounced his middle name with the accent on the second syllable. [139] But Arthur's Attorney General, Brewster, did in fact continue the investigations begun by MacVeagh, and hired notable Democratic lawyers William W. Ker and Richard T. Merrick to strengthen the prosecution team and forestall the skeptics. Previously the 20th vice president , he succeeded to the presidency upon the death of President James A. Garfield in September 1881, two months after Garfield was shot by an assassin. [43] The couple had three children: After his marriage, Arthur devoted his efforts to building his law practice, but also found time to engage in Republican party politics. [51] Even as his professional life improved, however, Arthur and his wife experienced a personal tragedy as their only child, William, died suddenly that year at the age of two. [160] He also signed in August of that year the Immigration Act of 1882, which levied a 50-cent tax on immigrants to the United States, and excluded from entry the mentally ill, the intellectually disabled, criminals, or any other person potentially dependent upon public assistance. Employees were required to make political contributions (known as "assessments") back to the machine, which made the job a highly coveted political plum. In April 1776, nearly 1,000 men were stationed in Chester under Colonel Samuel Miles in preparation for the defense of Philadelphia. [198] Arthur was buried with his family members and ancestors in the Albany Rural Cemetery in Menands, New York. Chester Creek meets the Delaware River in Chester. Male full-time workers had a median income of $34,354 versus $30,634 for females. The Conkling machine was solidly behind General Ulysses S. Grant's candidacy for president, and Arthur raised funds for Grant's election in 1868. More tonnage of ships were built at the Roach shipyard than its next two competitors combined. [57] Morgan leaned toward the conservative wing of the New York Republican party, as did the men who worked with him in the organization, including Weed, Seward (who continued in office under President Andrew Johnson), and Roscoe Conkling (an eloquent Utica Congressman and rising star in the party). [98] Arthur and Conkling campaigned vigorously for the Stalwart ticket and, owing partly to a splintering of the Democratic vote, were victorious. È in un territorio in cui vi è stata un'intensa colonizzazione svedese, per cui questo è detto "New Sweden". [140] An 1882 trial of the ringleaders resulted in convictions for two minor conspirators and a hung jury for the rest. [11] They quickly moved from Burlington to Jericho, and finally to Waterville, as William received positions teaching at different schools. In 1871, the Delaware River Iron Ship Building and Engine Works was opened by John Roach through the purchase of the Reaney, Son & Archbold shipyard. [46], Chester has a mayor-council government system, consisting of a popularly elected city mayor and city council. [70] Grant then nominated Arthur, with the New York Times commenting, "his name very seldom rises to the surface of metropolitan life and yet moving like a mighty undercurrent this man during the last 10 years has done more to mold the course of the Republican Party in this state than any other one man in the country. [175], Other federal action on behalf of blacks was equally ineffective: when the Supreme Court struck down the Civil Rights Act of 1875 in the Civil Rights Cases (1883), Arthur expressed his disagreement with the decision in a message to Congress, but was unable to persuade Congress to pass any new legislation in its place. [173] Having won an election in that state on a platform of more education funding (for black and white schools alike) and abolition of the poll tax and the whipping post, many northern Republicans saw the Readjusters as a more viable ally in the South than the moribund southern Republican party. It was known as Pennsylvania Military College after 1892 and adopted the Widener name in 1972. [159], The 47th Congress spent a great deal of time on immigration, and at times was in accord with Arthur. [136] Blaine, nemesis of the Stalwart faction, remained Secretary of State until Congress reconvened and then departed immediately. ", la risposta è infatti Chester A. Arthur, ossia il 21° sui 42 (al momento di uscita del film) presidenti degli Stati Uniti. [200], Several Grand Army of the Republic posts were named for Arthur, including Goff, Kansas,[201] Lawrence, Nebraska,[202] Medford, Oregon,[203] and Ogdensburg, Wisconsin. [31] One of his first teachers said Arthur was a boy "frank and open in manners and genial in disposition. For other uses, see, Downtown Chester at 5th and Avenue of the States, Articles relating to Chester, Pennsylvania, ‡This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties, Delaware River Iron Ship Building and Engine Works, Chester, A City Working on a New Narrative, National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons, Delaware Valley Resource Recovery Facility, Chester Waterside Station of the Philadelphia Electric Company, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, List of people from Chester, Pennsylvania, Madison Street Methodist Episcopal Church, "Geographic Identifiers: 2010 Demographic Profile Data (G001): Chester city, Pennsylvania",, "History of Economic Development in Chester", "Chester, A City Working on a New Narrative", "African American residents of Chester, PA, demonstrate to end de facto segregation in public schools, 1963-1966", "RIOTS MAR PEACE IN CHESTER, PA.; Negro Protests Continue - School Policy at Issue", "Chester residents blockade Westinghouse incinerator, United States, 1992-1994", "Industrial Grandeur, PriceDraw First Tenant", "Primary Election 2015: Kirkland defeats Linder, gets Democratic nod for Chester mayor", "M'CLURE WITH 70 GUILTY TO RUM CASE; State Senator Gets 18 Months as Head of Pennsylvania Protection Ring. [160] To their surprise, Arthur vetoed it and requested revisions, which they made and Arthur then approved. The New Sweden settlers built Fort Mecoponacka in 1641 to defend the settlement. [30], Chester experienced its second growth period during World War II. It was extended north in the 1970s, with the section around Philadelphia International Airport being completed in 1985. The settlement that became Chester was first called "Finlandia" (the Latin name for Finland) and then "Upland" after the Swedish province of Uppland. In April 1964, a series of almost nightly protests brought chaos to Chester. [9], By 1682, Upland was the most populous town of the new Province of Pennsylvania. In 1878, President Rutherford B. Hayes fired Arthur as part of a plan to reform the federal patronage system in New York. [137] Frelinghuysen advised Arthur not to fill any future vacancies with Stalwarts, but when Postmaster General James resigned in January 1882, Arthur selected Timothy O. Howe, a Wisconsin Stalwart. The five help administer the five municipal departments:[50], The city government has been in financial distress for many years and has operated under the state's Act 47 provisions for twenty-one years. chester traduzione nel dizionario italiano - sloveno a Glosbe, dizionario online, gratuitamente. [52] Chester's Republican Party political machine was one of the nation's oldest and most corrupt. This step ensured that the Senate had legal authority to convene immediately and choose a Senate president pro tempore, who would be able to assume the presidency if Arthur died. Chester Wisniewski is a principal research scientist at next-generation security leader Sophos. Sfoglia parole milioni e frasi in tutte le lingue. [66], In 1870, President Grant gave Conkling control over New York patronage, including the Custom House at the Port of New York. [26] A four-day race riot that resulted in seven deaths broke out in the city in July 1917, and the separation of blacks and whites in Chester's neighborhoods and workplaces became more defined. [179] The American Indian Wars were winding down, and public sentiment was shifting toward more favorable treatment of Native Americans. When Arthur was nominated for vice president in 1880, a New York attorney and political opponent, Arthur P. Hinman, initially speculated that Arthur was born in Ireland and did not come to the United States until he was fourteen years old. Drexel Neumann Academy, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, is Chester's only parochial school. The university offers associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in areas ranging from traditional liberal arts to professional programs. [163][164] The Chinese Exclusion Act attempted to stop all Chinese immigration into the United States for ten years, with exceptions for diplomats, teachers, students, merchants, and travelers. [68] Arthur's salary was initially $6,500, but senior customs employees were compensated additionally by the "moiety" system, which awarded them a percentage of the cargoes seized and fines levied on importers who attempted to evade the tariff. [209] By 1935, historian George F. Howe said that Arthur had achieved "an obscurity in strange contrast to his significant part in American history. The ramps were built between 2007 and 2010 and were opened in 2011.[65]. This new edition includes a science learning center, an extension of the library, a gymnasium, eight classrooms and eight offices.[76]. Its most famous student was Martin Luther King Jr., who graduated in 1951 with a Bachelor of Divinity degree.[78]. Prior to the bridge's opening in 1974, US 322 would cross the Delaware River on the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry, via Flower Street, causing major backups because of limited space on the ferries. Troppo freddo, le persone troppo selvagge e il paesaggio troppo aspro (piove troppo probabilmente!). Arthur was also involved in the so-called Lemmon slave case, in which the New York Supreme Court ruled in 1860 that slaves being transferred … As the economy soured after the Panic of 1873, Chinese immigrants were blamed for depressing workmen's wages; in reaction Congress in 1879 attempted to abrogate the 1868 treaty by passing the Chinese Exclusion Act, but President Hayes vetoed it. [45] He was so efficient at housing and outfitting the troops that poured into New York City that he was promoted to inspector general of the state militia in March 1862, and then to quartermaster general that July. [191] Blatchford served on the Court until his death in 1893. [178], The Arthur administration was challenged by changing relations with western Native American tribes. In 1970, the school was moved to Rochester, New York in a merger that formed the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. Council meetings are generally held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. [188] Blaine led on the first ballot, and by the fourth ballot he had a majority. [17], Arthur had seven siblings who lived to adulthood:[18], The family's frequent moves later spawned accusations that Arthur was not a native-born citizen of the United States. The case helped lead to the desegregation of public transportation in New York City. [192] The second vacancy occurred when Associate Justice Ward Hunt retired in January 1882. Prior to the bridge's opening in 1974, US 322 would cross the Delaware River on the Chester-Bridgeport Ferry, via Flower Street, causing major backups because of limited space on the ferries. Chester, Cheshire: Su Tripadvisor trovi 236.931 recensioni su cose da fare, ristoranti e hotel a Chester. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. [169] The contracts to build the ABCD ships were all awarded to the low bidder, John Roach & Sons of Chester, Pennsylvania,[170] even though Roach once employed Secretary Chandler as a lobbyist. Manufacturing increased exponentially including companies such as Wetherill Steel and Boilermakers, Congoleum-Nairn, Aberfoyles Textiles, Scott Paper Company, Belmont Iron Works, American Steel Foundries, Crew Levick Oil, Crown Smelting, Fields Brick Company, Hetzel and Ford Motor Company. In 1933, McClure was found guilty in federal court and sentenced to 18 months in prison for vice and rum-running[54] but his conviction was overturned on appeal. [140] Although Arthur had worked closely with Dorsey before his presidency, once in office he supported the investigation and forced the resignation of officials suspected in the scandal. [116] The running mates, never close, detached as Garfield continued to freeze out the Stalwarts from his patronage. Throughout 1776 and 1777, there were significant forces stationed in Chester and nearby Marcus Hook. Guiteau's poem also states he had (incorrectly) presumed that Arthur would pardon him for the assassination. [67] The Collector was responsible for hiring hundreds of workers to collect the tariffs due at the United States' busiest port. He proclaimed to onlookers: "I am a Stalwart, and Arthur will be President! [146] The chief examiner, Silas W. Burt, was a long-time reformer who had been Arthur's opponent when the two men worked at the New York Custom House. Public bus transportation in Chester is provided by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), which acquired the former Suburban Philadelphia Transit Authority (aka "Red Arrow" Lines) in 1968. in 1883. [8] Her family was primarily of English and Welsh descent, and her paternal grandfather, Uriah Stone, had served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. "[148], With high revenue held over from wartime taxes, the federal government had collected more than it spent since 1866; by 1882 the surplus reached $145 million. [38] National civil rights leaders such as Gloria Richardson, Malcolm X and Dick Gregory came to Chester in support of the demonstrations. Like many boomtowns, Chester was unprepared for the social changes that came along with rapid growth. [61], Conkling succeeded to leadership of the conservative wing of New York's Republicans by 1868 as Morgan concentrated more time and effort on national politics, including serving as chairman of the Republican National Committee.

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